Bill Gates opinion on improving the world

according to his thoughts innovation is the main key to build a bright future. for example- lots of children save from polio now that does not mean that the disease just go away by itself but because Albert Sabin and Jonas Salk invented the polio vaccines and pass this all over the world. we should invented something like this or which is needed now most for the world. we have to pursue some kind of breakthroughs like Albert Sabin and Jonas Salk. Innovation is the most powerful thing in the world. It makes the world better, more innovation makes the world faster progress.


quantum computers

quantum computers are little bit different from ordinary computers. in ordinary we can use two states ( 1 or 0) one at a time but in quantum computer we use (1 or 0) both at the same time. it means we can do calculation faster in a quantum computers. there is a draw back that we need to calculate fast because quantum computers can save data only for ten minutes.